Apr 1, 2014

One month with the Nexus 5

I’ve been using the bright red Nexus 5 for a month now, and it’s awesome. Here are my thoughts and opinions on the phone.

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Mar 11, 2014

Song of the day: ‘Where you end’ - Moby 

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Mar 10, 2014

London modern architecture, noir style.

Some of my favourite images of London’s architecture, in black and white.

Mar 8, 2014

Trellick Tower & Rowley Way

I took a trip to visit two of London’s most iconic brutalist buildings, Trellick Tower and Rowley Way in the Alexandra Road Estate. Both are fascinating pieces of architecture.






Rowley Way was conceived as a way to pack together as many residences as possible, hence the stacked and angled, highly futuristic style. Standing in the middle, you feel like you’re on another planet in a 70s sci-fi movie. 

Connecting various parts of the estate are a series of concrete walkways - easy to get lost amongst, and are almost arranged into strata - working their way up and down the two halves of the estate. 


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Feb 13, 2014

Why I’m not buying a Moto X

I was waiting for a long, long time for a phone like the Moto X, and now that it’s come to the UK I won’t be buying one. Here are a few reasons why.

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Jan 13, 2014

5. ‘Outro’ - M83

4. ‘Violin Concerto No II’ - Phillip Glass

3. ‘Svefn-g-englar’ - Sigur Ros

2. ‘Everloving’ - Moby

1. ‘An Ending’ - Brian Eno

The greatest music ever made.

Jan 12, 2014
The unexamined life is not worth living.
This quote, from Socrates, is actually pretty fascinating. It basically says that life without questioning its meaning is not worth living. Sure, it’s a pretty ‘overthinky’ kind of thing, but in all seriousness I believe it’s critical to ask the most important questions ever asked by mankind - who made us? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Something as complex as our world doesn’t just happen by accident (yep, Darwinism is a massive scientific cop-out), so why? Nobody will be able to answer this question, but it’s important to ask it.